Korean Night Dining Tour

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Korean Night Dining Tour

The Korean Night Dining Tour focuses on the Korean Drinking Culture and Bar food. It is the perfect tour for those arriving to Seoul and experiencing jet lag. The tour starts at 6pm at Kwangjang Market to see the different types of street food available in the market stalls. Then we tour the back alleys of historic Jongno 3-ga to visit a tent restaurant and enjoy Korean bar food with alcohol. Round 3 is pork barbecue (Garmaeggisal) grilled on charcoal grills. The tour finishes with a rice wine (makgeolli) and pajeon tasting. This tour shows the real Korea.

Time: Starts at 6pm. The tour lasts approximently 4 hours.

Cost                                          88 per person (minimum 3ppl)
The cost includes all food, drink, and guide

Group Rates for 4 or more available.

Location: Kwangjang Market and Historic Jongno 3-ga.

Contact: Daniel Gray at eat@delectabletravels.com 
The General of Kwangjang Market
Korean Tent Restaurant
Grilled Pork

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