3rd 목련

Monday, September 04, 2006

A kid in my class tried to give me the psycho eyes. You know, when they keep their heads down and then stare up at you through the tops of their eyelids. I made this kid twitch too and he tried to keep up the facade and invoke a bit of "oh shit" but he failed. In the end he ended crying shamefully into the sleeve of his "Incredibles" t-shirt. He said, 시코러, ?shikkro-ro? which I've been told means shut up or something. I repeated it back to him, made him stand up and asked if he had a problem. At first, he refused to get up but when I threatened to tell his homeroom teacher his stare broke and a panic arose. He still had a bit of fight left so he screamed, "I'm sorry!" and crashed down on his chair. I made him get up and told him to apologize again and he did, respectfully. But then I made him repeat after me, "I am sorry and I apologize. I promise to be good from now on."

Yes, it was probably more English than his feeble mind could handle. Maybe he learned some of it.

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