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Famous Naengmyeong Place by City Hall: Nampo Myeonok

Nampo Myeonok for Naengmyeon in Seoul

Nampo Myeonok for Naengmyeon in Seoul

Nampo Myeonok for Naengmyeon in Seoul

Nampo Myeonok for Naengmyeon in Seoul
It's hot, so it is best to get some cool, chilled Naengmyeon at the classic Nampo Myeonok Restaurant by City Hall.

Pictures by Jihyun Lee

Seoul Eats: Nampomyeonok

Contrary to popular belief, Korean “naengmyeon” is a wintertime specialty dish that originated in North Korea. I guess the idea of combating cold with cold is similar to people in India drinking blazing hot coffee to fight the heat. Although some still eat naengmyeon-which translates to “cold noodle”- in winter; these days it is more common to eat it in summer cool down from the heat

Naengmyeon has become ubiquitous around Korea and the world. The standard seems to be a brown chewy noodle that's dense (and often clumps), a salty beef broth, half an egg (which you are supposed to eat first to prepare your stomach for the cold meal), turnip, chunks of crushed ice, and julienned cucumbers and pear. This standardized dish is the result of many shortcuts and compromises in ingredients. This is where Nampomyeonok stands out; it has stayed true to its origins and the evidence is in the food.

Nampomyeonok is near Eujiro 1-ga exit 1. You take the first right past a strange stone tower that is eccentrically covered in headlights and straight into an alley. About 100 meters into the alley you will see a big wooden sign to the right that says 남포명옥. If you miss the first entrance; don’t worry, there are two. As soon as you walk in you’ll be intrigued by the traditional han-ok (Korean traditional house) décor and the pots embedded in concrete on the floor. These pots contain dongchimi: a water radish kimchi, that is essential to the soup’s broth.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Reve Bakery: Have Heart. Your bread is good, so people will come...if you do some marketing

There is this little bakery I go to by my home and they have good bread. It's a little mom and pop shop which a young couple. I often see their daughter in there with them. 

They make organic bread and good bread I must add but there is always a gloomy atmosphere even though the setting is bright. I overheard that business isn't going very well and the couple is a bit stressed. They keep adding things to the menu when they should simply focus and do a bit of marketing. Oh, and being positive and friendly will make people want to visit more often. 

Food businesses take time. Especially in a country that is crowded with eateries. This couple has a product that is unique, well-made and what can't easily be replicated at home. 

I suggested to them to be proactive in marketing but there is a strong distrust of bloggers in Korea. I say they should simply look at numbers. If you invite a local blogger that gets 1,000 visits a day that is 30,000 visitors a month. Free bread or drinks is worth it. To pay a blogger 100,000 won ($100 usd) to have them visit is much cheaper than traditional media or newspaper. For paid bloggers I try to get people in the 1500-2000 visits a day and then I leverage other social media like Twitter or Instagram. I figure if two people come in I can make my money back. 

Anyway, if you are in Gwangmyeong come visit Reve Bakery. No, I am not getting paid for this. I am just trying to keep them around because my family likes the bread. 

Reve Bakery
350-14 Gwangmyeong-dong, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Honey why is there strawberry jam on my egg sandwich? #foodcrime #sandwich

I know some people like it but...i prefer hot sauce or maybe some ketchup.


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