Thursday, August 25, 2016

Authentic Mexican at B'Mucho Cantina in Yeonnam-dong

Green Enchilada with Chicken and Tomatillo Sauce

Real Guacamole


Chorizo Tacos

At B'Mucho Cantina in Yeonnamdong is the best Mexican that I have had in years in Korea. I have dealt with tasteless Mexican before and accepted it because of the lack of ingredients and what-not, but all of that has been proven wrong with my most recent visit to B'Mucho Cantina. 

The flavors are bright and spot on. They have real limes. They have red onions. They have cilantro and they are not afraid to use it. The guacamole (8,000) was just a bowl of creamy sunshine with a bit of pico de gallo and chopped cilantro on the side. I wish I could just spread it over everything. The chorizo tacos (5,000 each) where big and filling. To be honest, 1 taco and sharing the guacamole would have been enough for lunch., that's not how I do things. We got the Enchilada Verde (14,000) which is the much hyped dish at this place. It's really good but...I didn't really understand the toast that came on the side. The sauce was creamy, green tomatillo sauce and it was topped with lots of melted cheese, white onions and it was filled with chunks of flavorful chicken. 

I commented that the chef was the most Mexican Korean I met but I found out he is actually Mexican. Go now! Mucho Gracias!

B'Mucho Cantina
Seoul Mapo-gu Yeonnam-dong 227-8

Looking to start a restaurant or business? Here's a great place available.

This is for entrepreneurs out there looking to start a business. I was introduced to a space to do something new but I am a bit too busy to take it. The owner is a friend of mine and is looking for someone to take it. Here are some pictures and a short video. It's a real fixer upper but I think it has potential- especially since it is in an up and coming area and doesn't have the black money deposit (권리금). email me if you are interested.


I love Beef Galbi

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Vegan Food Feast with Monk Jeongkwan and Mister Kitchen

Vegan Food Feast with Monk Jeongkwan and Mister Kitchen We are at Monk Jeongkwan at Baekyangsa temple and we were lucky enough to have her share a vegan meal with us. I am accompanied here with Mister Kitchen ( as we went on a food adventure all around Korea for 6 days. Monk Jeongkwan shared a meal and talked to us about her food philosophy. Special thanks for Misong Park for translating. If you are looking to eat and explore Korea, travel with us at
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