Friday, September 04, 2015

Why is there carrot in my nachos? #onlyinkorea #tomatillos

I went to Tomatillo for lunch today with some friends. I always enjoyed it in the past and thought it would be a good meal after my meetings today. The concept seems to have changed to be more Chipotle in feel. You can pick your meat veggies etc, but most people just say everything and small adjustments seem to confuse the cashiers. I asked for hard shell tacos and got soft instead. Oh, the food was alright. Burritos were large and filling but just spicy and salty. Nothing super delicious. My tacos were more lettuce than anything else and you couldn't taste the sauces, minuscule amount of guacamole and more. It was just a salad in a soft shell. The nachos were loaded and the chili meat was flavorful but I was confused by the carrot pickles which didn't really add much.   It was like they just wanted to add another veggie to the mix. Actually the nachos are quite good and filling and I liked that they added salsa, cilantro, cheese and lots more. Well my bottled water was cold at least. Overall, nothing really special and nothing really Mexican. I guess this restaurant has been modified for their Korean patrons (for a saw one Hispanic worker in the kitchen) but I just wanted a little bit of Mexican. 

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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Free Event September 9-11 Jamboree Incheon!

Join three days and two nights of voluntarily created joint destiny <Jamboree Incheon>. In the past, the entire community gathered together if any neighborhood had things to celebrate or be consoled. Under the name of <Jamboree Incheon>, we would like to reboot such tradition. As a member of the destiny, you will enjoy its Korean style psychedelic art installation, hang out with neighbors drinking and dancing, and experience Korean cultural content framed in a modern way. Let’s rediscover cultural gems of Korea.
• Date: 2015.09.11.-13.
• Venue: 74-78, Seonnyobawiro, Eulwangdong, Junggu, Incheon.
• Admission: free. * We offer only 500 places. First come, first served.
• Inquiry:
• Program
•••••• Jamboree Incheon Toad
Date: 2015.09.09.-11.
You can join decorating the event zone from September the 9th to 11th. After work, we will have a barbecue party all together along the seashore.
If you are interested in this, apply at:
•••••• Workshops
Jamboree Incheon is working on several workshops where you can experience Korean cultural content framed in a modern way. Details will be announced soon.
•••••• Flea market
•••••• Organic Korean Food zone
•••••• Music stage: Kim Yoon Kee and Jung Sang Kwon / Blue Turtle / Tehiun / Seoul, Seoul, Seoul / Wedance
•••••• DJ party: DJ Group Happyhippy / VJ Yonomi
• RSVP at:
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