I didn't get the job :(

I found out last night that I didn't get the job at the University. I mean it's great to know because now I can plan for my future, but shit it looks like my resume didn't even get close to the cut.

So what does that mean? I think it means that my future is still up in the air. I have to decide if I'm going to stay in Gyeong Ju or if I'm moving.

Japan is still an option, but I learned 2 weeks ago that I can't deal with the pollution in Seoul.

I'm looking at Jeju island now or I should get my packet together and apply for Gyeong Ju University. It would be good to have the job. I mean it would be my foot in the door at a real university. I would have 5 weeks of vacation and only like 21 hours of work a week plus one day off during the week. I would have to get a car though.

Shit I'm a little disappointed, because I thought Mr. Cheong was going to help me out. I mean I thought they could all help me out.

The fortune teller was wrong.

But if you think about it, it was bound to happen. I mean I could stay at ETC, but I don't really want to. I don't know. What am I going to do?

I'll think about it a bit more, I mean I have 73 days to decide.


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