I think we need a new kind of sitcom

New Animated Sitcom concept:

The Greek gods done in a funny kind of style. You would have the philandering Zeus married to the extremely jealous and sexually repressed Hera, while Zeus has affairs with the mortal Greek women. Then you have all their children like Ares the rampillion idiot cry baby, the cute baby trickster Hermes, the crazy sportholics Apollo and Artemis/ Artemis' lover Orion, and Eileithyia the barefoot and perpetually barefoot daughter of childbirth. I think that the surrounding neighborhood could have like Dionysius working the bar, Hephestatis as the quiet but genius bum- someone who was never given a chance to really make something of themselves.

Of course they wouldn't have television, but they could watch the mortals for pleasure through their clouds in heaven.

People would die, but it wouldn't be serious, more in a itchy and scratchy sort of way. After the greeks there is also the Egyptians and the Aztecs. The mythologies could go on and on.

I think it would be an interesting show. I mean I would have to do research and we all know that I am lazy.


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