Hello ummm. Hello everybody. My name is William and I am 4 years old. Ummm. It's Monday and on Monday's I have to go to school. I don't like to, but Mommy makes me. Mommy is a nurse, so she always where's white clothes. Some days Mommy sleeps all day, but it's okay, because I have lots of movies.

Ummm. Yeah, oh, you wanna hear something funny? Defecate. I think it's a funny funny word. Defecate. My friend Kate is Def so I think it means about that.

Yesterday, I went to brown baby pool and Edward he told me I had to Defecate. I told him na ah, and he said ya huh. So I told him he should shove popcorn up his nose and he said I should defecate.

Edward is silly because one time he stuck popcorn up his nose and he shot them out by sticking his thumb up the other nose hole and blowing really hard through his nose. He shot Margarita with the popcorn booger. She got really angery so she hit him with her Ken doll.

Edward then stuck more popcorn up his nose because he really really wanted to get her back and he got too much stuck up his nose and then he couldn't get them out and Miss Mary came and she told him to breathe through his mouth but he was crying and his Mommy and Daddy had to take him to the hospital and the next day he came back with a big bandage on his nose and Miss Mary told us not to stick anything up our nose but I had a really big boogie and I asked her if I could stick my little little pinky to get it out and she said I should use a tissue so I stuck a tissue up my nose and it got stuck to the boogie. I was too scared to get it out, so I had a white mustache for a while until Miss Mary pulled it out for me. She even got the boogie. I love Miss Mary.

Okay. I'm going to eat cookies. Bye.

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