The Adventures of Monkeyboy...lost on Namsan Mountain

Maybe in May ( hi what's up
Maybe in May ( nothing much, you? Just home for a couple of minutes. I'm just got back from teaching
Maybe in May ( busy a little....I go to teach teach doctors in the afternoon
Maybe in May ( your schedule is getting tough a little, but it's not bad. They're nice people. They're psychatrists
Maybe in May ( ok and they don't think I'm crazy
Maybe in May ( who think you are crazy?? my students
Maybe in May ( oh... never mind. they think all the teachers are crazy yeah, but I've fooled the psychatrists
Maybe in May ( how? just kidding. I'm not that crazy
Maybe in May ( hehe... not yet Except I climbed up Namsam on Sunday t night at night
Maybe in May ( oh... don't worry i won't tell it to your students or the dr.s thanks. They would lock me up I think for that it wasn't one of my wisest moments. I almost fell a couple of times but it was adventurous
Maybe in May (
Maybe in May ( yeah...sth ppl don't do often I wasn't really going to
Maybe in May ( you just found yourself in the mt.? I walked from Sunggun Dong to Namsam mountain because I wanted to go eat sambap bibimbap at a restaurant near Hwarang Education Center and then I decided to climb the mountain at 4pm.
Maybe in May ( ok..and? I got to the top at around 5 or so I hung out at the top of the mountain to 5
:30 and instead of turning around and coming back down the same way I came up, I decided I wanted to see the other side of the mountain
Maybe in May ( not bad so I went down the other side of the mountain
Maybe in May ( that's usual...looking for another route it gets better so after I got to the bottom of the other side, I realized that I was in the middle of no where and I was completely lost. So...
Maybe in May ( so...?
Maybe in May ( did you call 119? I tried to walk on the highway, but the road was really narrow and cars were whipping around on it, so I turned around and decided I would go back the way I came. I decided to go back up the mountain at like 7pm.
Maybe in May ( Not smart huh?
Maybe in May ( not so smart.... but you learned sth, huh? wait there's more so I climbed to the top of the mountain and then I decided that I would just sleep on top of the mountain.
Maybe in May ( haha really? so I stayed there till like 10pm
Maybe in May ( but it was really, really cold
Maybe in May ( wasn't it cold??
Maybe in May ( yeah.... REALLY COLD
Maybe in May ( definetely so...I decided to go to the buddhist temple and ask the monk for a room for the night
Maybe in May ( wow!
Maybe in May ( what temple? but of course, I almost died a couple times going down from the top
Maybe in May ( it's getting more exciting yeah, there is a temple near the top of the mountain hahaha
Maybe in May ( did you get to the temple? so I went there and there was only one monk there and she was watching TV
Maybe in May ( haha and did you ask...? I asked her if I could stay, but she said no and decided to give me
Maybe in May ( just no?! a flashlight and she told me shinnae was that way and pointed to the bottom of the mountain She gave me water too
Maybe in May ( oh... light and water... mercy! yep, she just said no. So then I started down the mountain in the dark, with only a flashlight I know I thought monks were supposed to be generous or something
Maybe in May ( oh.... you must be very scared
Maybe in May ( she is a fake one i guess I was...because I kept thinking that a bear or wolf would eat me I guess Oh, have you seen Blair Witch Project?
Maybe in May ( haha... don't you like animals? I don't like animals with teech teeth
Maybe in May ( no no no horror movie yeah, so I was really scared because I thought like some ancient Korean king was going to attack me
Maybe in May ( yeah... facing animals in Mt at night isn't so pretty eat my soul or something of course not... ARE YOU CRAZY!!!
Maybe in May ( haha... eat your soul... i like that sentence
Maybe in May ( sorry go on.. I don't think a dead shilla king would want to eat my finger hahaha
Maybe in May ( or toes so anyway...true
Maybe in May ( i hope they are vegeterians
Maybe in May ( how did you get the way back down? I don't think a soul is really a meat product If you stopped interrupting I would tell you
Maybe in May ( for your fingers and toes
Maybe in May ( ok ok... go ahead! So I slowly climbed down the mountain and I sang happy songs to keep my mind off of ghosts and I almost got to the bottom, but for some reason I got lost in a river bed filled with rocks It took me a while to find my way out and I stepped in water a couple of times
Maybe in May ( oh! so after that I finally made it out of the mountain and I was so happy
Maybe in May ( congrats! You have no idea how happy I was to see an electric light or even cars It was after that I had to walk all the way to the main road where like Anapji and stuff were
Maybe in May ( did you shout like "i'm the king of the world!!"?
Maybe in May ( was a long journey but before that I was so thirsty so I drank three cups of coffee from a coffee machine
Maybe in May ( haha no...but I was so happy, that I decided that I would help out the mountain by picking up litter I found on the trail So I picked up bits of paper and other stuff to throw away later
Maybe in May ( were there any dancers in Anapji to celebrate your back? No...there should have been so...then I walked all the way to the road and magically there was a Taxi waiting at the intersection so he took me home
Maybe in May ( anyway, i'm glad you made it ....finally! was quite an adventure.
Maybe in May ( if you met an animal on the way back down, it could be more adventure I think I should add that in a story I write
Maybe in May ( plz... but what animal?
Maybe in May ( what about wild cats? (H) I saw a wild cat it was fat and missing it's tail
Maybe in May ( not scary? not really I was thinking like an ostrich that would be scary!
Maybe in May ( hehe...
Maybe in May ( and say old shilla kings were riding ostriches now you're on to something I should write this
Maybe in May ( what?! I think it would be more popular than Harry Potter
Maybe in May ( why not! the adventures of Monkeyboy: Attack on Namsan Mountain! my sister's nickname for me is Monkeyboy
Maybe in May ( you like that, huh? it's funny and It's kinda stuck...its what they always call me I've nicknamed my students too they are now
Maybe in May ( they are?
Maybe in May ( monkey #1, #2, #3... Motormouth, shut up, pussycat, butwhat?, Pooh, Eeyore or Big Ass
Maybe in May ( hehe and Guapo for gwang ho Guapo in Spanish means handsome
Maybe in May ( what does that mean?
Maybe in May ( oh! They nicknamed me Big Pooh
Maybe in May ( not winnie the Pooh? it should be but they mean like winnie the dung
Maybe in May ( hehe... and they like the dung they like bundaegi
Maybe in May ( for you, bundaegi and dung are not different, huh? nope they say, but teacher, it's good for health and I say it's good for your health, not my health
Maybe in May ( haha... it's not good for my eyes just by watching them, you say~ yeah...not good for my eyes
Maybe in May ( what else you don't like? it would be fun to send you sth you don't like for a surprise? bundaegi icecream
Maybe in May ( ok the chicken asshole dish
Maybe in May ( just bundaegi? any other bugs? cockroaches I don't like them
Maybe in May ( ok
Maybe in May ( not just korean roaches, huh? I hate every nationality of roaches
Maybe in May ( how fair! I don't discriminate or... I discriminate equally
Maybe in May ( good Ok, I've gotta go soon, but what are you doing this weekend?
Maybe in May ( this weekend... private lesson and club meeting on saturday are you free sunday or monday?
Maybe in May ( i think monday i'm free. sunday i think we will have a birthday party for my little bro another birthday party
Maybe in May ( yeah... ok...I was thinking we could check out that botanical garden
Maybe in May ( he is 25 but stilla kid hahaha funny
Maybe in May ( what garden?
Maybe in May ( on the magazine? we saw one in a magazine at Red Mango yeah
Maybe in May ( ah. that one. it would be good to check out if there is any bug eating plants of course I'll bring the pesticide
Maybe in May ( ok!
Maybe in May ( should i bring my dog? Yeah...I like dogs
Maybe in May ( if she like you I'll bring bacon and chocolate
Maybe in May ( no chocolate for dogs I know..I meant cheese
Maybe in May ( that would be good for me, though
Maybe in May ( ok that's what I meant chocolate for you and bacon for the dog yeah...
Maybe in May ( beter
Maybe in May ( do you remember it's open on holidays?? that I don't know
Maybe in May ( me either...should check it first I can't hangukmal chokumimnida
Maybe in May ( i will thank you...well I've gotta go
Maybe in May (
Maybe in May ( just take a look
Maybe in May ( ok but it's all in Korean still
Maybe in May ( hehe...sorry
Maybe in May ( never mind you will see the plants anyway right...ok...I've gotta go for real now bye
Maybe in May ( ok

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