Maolao the Chinese Godfather hello^^
Maybe in May ( hey! how is everything going?
Maybe in May ( good. there? it's a little hot. I went for a walk earlier
Maybe in May ( nice..yes, it's hot and it will be a little hotter tomorrow Oh, I've decided that I'm never eating "Oh My Chicken" again.
Maybe in May ( what kind of chicken is that? it's fried chicken that I bought on Saturday Night and I spent all Sunday sick with a tummy ache
Maybe in May ( oh...sorry are you ok now? yeah...I'm smarter today than I was yesterday
Maybe in May ( really? that's a good news
Maybe in May ( should be careful with food in summer, ok? And I'm going to be SMARTER there but but it was fried food the oil's supposed to kill everything
Maybe in May ( i think i was already bad before it's cooked (I thought)
Maybe in May ( are you going to sue the store? Gross...I think I'm only eating grapes from now on NO... I'm going to not eat there anymore
Maybe in May ( grapes are good to recover
Maybe in May ( I think I should become a vegetarian again or a pescatarian (fishitarian
Maybe in May ( all of them sound good Did u go swimming?
Maybe in May ( saturday only...
Maybe in May ( i was supposed to be there in sunday afternoon but i gave up coz there would be lots of kids in afternoon. I thought you liked kids
Maybe in May ( only when they are out of reach (H) Yeah, it's not good to strangle kids in the water.
Maybe in May ( it's not the water and on the ground you know they release their bowels when they die and they'll probably pee in the pool out of fear
Maybe in May ( i'm GLAD i wasn't there! 4real so did you swim like a dolphin or a submarine?
Maybe in May ( umm... like a mermaid hahaha ok Ariel did you sing to the clams and crustations?
Maybe in May ( no i sing to my goggles poor things
Maybe in May ( that's fine. they like me anyway Well I can see why
Maybe in May ( why? Because they have no ears and they can only see out
Maybe in May ( maybe...they see what I see. no doubt they are fine of course they are...they're just plastic after all...they're probably made in China too
Maybe in May ( amazing! how did you know that? everything is made in China...including me
Maybe in May ( who exported you here?! some americans I'm actually not an English teacher
Maybe in May ( are they taking more orders?
Maybe in May ( then what? I'm hear to learn how to make delicious Korean Kimchi
Maybe in May ( ooh... a spy? then we will start a factory and sell it all over the world sorta don't tell anyone though or I'll have know
Maybe in May ( have to...what?? wrap you up in spaghetti and cover you in alfredo sauce and feed you to Marlon Brando
Maybe in May ( yum!! for Marlon Brando yes
Maybe in May ( oops!
Maybe in May ( i forgot that's me so what am I doing in Korea?
Maybe in May ( being a spy ....planning a cruel crime cooking ME?! hmmm....I guess you like being pasta
Maybe in May ( i LIKE pasta...not like to be :'( then the correct answer is what?
Maybe in May ( what about this? not cooking me but cooking for me of course good ok...I won't have to call Marlon Brando
Maybe in May ( plz don't.. he is busy with other pasta
Maybe in May ( (who is threatened?! ^o)) of course he is the godfather afterall
Maybe in May ( you are good at being silly. don't you think so? I'm good at being honest
Maybe in May ( that, too.
Maybe in May ( so, you didn't mean that you would make me pasta for the godfather, right? maybe but actually the Chinese godfather
Maybe in May ( who's that?! Maolao Brandwang
Maybe in May ( hehe... he might like chinese noodle than italian pasta he's half Italian but that's a secret
Maybe in May ( ok... i can't scare chiness ppl (H)
Maybe in May ( but whenever i meet chinese ppl i would be dying to tell you don't really want to meet Maolao do you he's really hungry
Maybe in May ( not in person but online, that's ok, i guess he doesn't do online only in person
Maybe in May (
Maybe in May ( then... i wouldn't! really you wouldn' he's one crazy dud e
Maybe in May ( okok... no more crazy ones!
Maybe in May ( i got enough!! who else is crazy that you know?
Maybe in May ( i should send you a long list. would you mind? I know I'm not on it so, i guess I wouldn't mind
Maybe in May ( you sure? you are on top 10! good news? bad news? you must be confusing me with someone else I'm probably the sanest person you know
Maybe in May ( you must be confusing YOU with someone else~ I'm sending Maolao to your office
Maybe in May ( you sly spy! Not sly...reasonable and well I guess a mastermind
Maybe in May ( when a crazy one says 'reasonable', how reasonable is it?!?
Maybe in May ( what!! you won't get hurt that way
Maybe in May ( i won't but it will without notive
Maybe in May ( notice you don't really want to get hurt do you because I wouldn't want you to get hurt Maolao has really sensitive ears
Maybe in May ( oh come on! you are the one who will send me the hugry chinese godfather!
Maybe in May ( made in china earplugs really work! you'll see soon I recommend you take a shower before Maolao comes over he hates the smell of pool water
Maybe in May ( now what? you send me him and you let me know his weakness? THANK YOU! I'm trying to protect you
Maybe in May ( oh you are! anyway... so you are really a baek su aren't you?
Maybe in May ( you don't believe me, do you? not really
Maybe in May ( ok... then, who do you think you are talking now? I'm talking to an ajumna that is home and has a break because her baby is asleep
Maybe in May ( good. are you happy now to know the truth? not really
Maybe in May ( then what now? I mean It just proves that I'm sooooo smart
Maybe in May ( ok.. i thank to the chicken! hey now that's a cheap shot
Maybe in May ( what's coming? no...nothing
Maybe in May ( need more chicken? or what? pppphhhhhhttttt
Maybe in May ( ok now you stop yourself. very smart! (((I can't wait until you meet Maolao)))
Maybe in May ( :@
Maybe in May ( don't worry..i will be a friend of him sure...after he eats you
Maybe in May ( then, i will be his friend in his stomach
Maybe in May ( i will never leave you, Maolao. what a good friend you are
Maybe in May ( Maolao, you are blessed Are you crazy? I'm not Maolao Maolao is a huge 500kg Chinese man
Maybe in May ( of course not! what do you think you are?!? I'm Dan and I'm cute
Maybe in May ( hello, dan. nice to meet you. where are you from?
Maybe in May ( i'm Gloria, a friend of a huge chinese man, Maolao. that's nice Gloria. are u from Spain?
Maybe in May ( i can't tell you that...sorry that's ok...I'll find out later
Maybe in May ( if you take me out of his stomach, you will~ Then I guess I won't
Maybe in May ( so sorry you have no guts to face him... he's a SCARY GUY!
Maybe in May ( i know but i thought you would talk to him at least but you wouldn't... I can't sorry I like being on the outside of his stomach
Maybe in May ( ok no prob.
Maybe in May ( enjoy your life out there Alright I'll talk to him, but there's a good chance that he'll eat me first
Maybe in May ( so, don't make a joke to him...just get it straight, ok? of course...I mean I don't think he'll eat me but if he does then I'm going to make myself really uneatable I'm not going to shower for weeks and I'm going to fill my pockets with bundaegi and dung oh and oh my chicken
Maybe in May ( eww so if he eats me he'll throw me up and he won't have any appetite to eat you, so don't worry
Maybe in May ( i can smell you!! you've got a powerful computer then
Maybe in May ( it has f... MS!
Maybe in May ( so that's your plan? to make him throw up? well... sounds not bad I told you I was smart
Maybe in May ( yeah, you are a smelly smart boy thanks...I'll take that as a complement
Maybe in May ( half complement, half.... not really yeah...alright...I've gotta go
Maybe in May ( go but have a nice day
Maybe in May ( u 2 and I'll talk to Maolao

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