PEG Black Tuesday October 29th, 1929
The DJIA was on a 6 year bull going from 85.76 to 381.17 . The market crashed at 230.07 on Tuesday, October 29th, 1929

It was 55 days after the market hit 381.17 for the market to crash.

Next bull market started on July 24, 1984 - DJIA closed at 1086.57 it was a three year rise to its peak of 2722.42, August 25, 1987. 55 days later it crashed again...strange huh?

Alan Greenspan came to the rescue and stopped it from causing another recession and raining on Reagan's parade.

"Some economists believe that the roughly 60-year period between the two great crashes is no accident. They point to an underlying cycle of prices and economic activity, the so-called Kondratieff Wave. Indeed, looking back 60 years from the 1929 crash brings us face to face with another fiancial panic, the original Black Friday: September 4, 1869, which a business panic was precipitated by a group of financiers trying to corner the gold market."

Marc Groz

So I guess I should be careful around...2047...If the market peaks then and goes bull then I should start selling...shit i'll be 62 then...I think I should liquify my stocks when I'm 60. Now the real question is if I can hold on to them for that long....

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