Seoul Living: Seoul Forest

What are you doing this weekend?

Folks, it’s already Thursday so you should start making a plan for what you to do this weekend. Strangely enough, the weather has been getting warmer these days, so I suggest that you take a trip to Seoul Forest. It’s a great place to go to and they have deer, art, and mini steam shovels for kids to play on.

It’s on the East side of Seoul near Ttukseom Resort and you get there by taking the green line (line 2) to Ttukseom Station and go out exit 8. It’s about a 5 minute walk to the station.

You can also get there by water taxi.

The park is huge and it reminds of New York’s central. It opened on June 2005 and the city spent 235.2 billion won to build it. There are over 400,000 trees and 100 different types of animals. There are 5 different districts: Cultural Art Park, Ecological Forest, Nature Experiencing Studying Field, Wetlands Ecological Field, and Han River Waterside Park. The various areas include an outdoor stage, Seoul Forest Square, ecological play ground, butterfly green house, bicycle roads, and walking paths.

I was there about a month ago and my friend and I rented bicycles and we went around the park for a while. Everywhere we looked, there would be a new statue, plant, or structure that caught out eye. It’s a bit eclectic. We also saw a traditional dance performance there where the guys have a string thing attached to the hat and they twirl it around. It was really cool. We also got to see the deer in the Ecological Forest and the fish in the pond. I really enjoyed the Han Waterside Park because it had playground equipment that showed how the water cycle works. So be sure to check out Seoul Forest this weekend.

If there is too much time. We’ll do Idioms that we didn’t do last time.

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