Picasa is the shit!

So, I downloaded Picasa for my PC at school and it is a great program. I mean it works almost exactly like iPhoto, but you can't get iPhoto for the PC platform. Oh, I'm in a transitioning mode these days, last night Firefox went to shit and it broke - losing all of my bookmarks and password saves. Ok, it was unintentionally my fault. Firefox has been getting really buggy, so I upgraded it.

After upgrading a window came up that asked what profile I wanted to use. I tried the default, but it gave me an error message so I had to make a new one. The new browser was cleaned out of all the bookmarks that I had saved.

That pissed me off...A lot. I spent the next hour or so googling for a solution. I found one. But in the process I learned about Camino and I downloaded it. I only played with it for like 10 minutes, but I quickly added my bookmarks from firefox and was browsing very quickly.

For some strange reason, I'm not a huge fan of Safari. It doesn't seem to be that user friendly. But I don't think I've really given it chance. Since, I'm off the Firefox, I might have to either have a candybar or go in the jungle.

Oh, the picture is of dawn and drew. I listen to their podcast like everyday.

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