I'm finished with love

I'm watching Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind and I've resolved to
give up on love. I don't want to try to find it anymore. I want it
to hit me like a Mack Truck without any breaks. The internet is so
blah!!! Therefore, I am deleting any embarrassing profile I put on
any personal site.

Here is one from 2 years ago. I erased it, but I thought you would
like to see some desperate seething. Now you can see why I'm single :)

Hamlet looking for his Ophelia.

To start, I'm not on Prozac. But, I think if Hamlet was on Prozac
then he and Ophelia would have had a wonderful loving relationship.

I'm a huge Shakespeare fan and I think Hamlet is a masterpiece, but I
don't want to be coined as an intellectual know it all, because I'm
just as happy watching anime, cooking a great meal, or listening to
XPN. I love to learn new things. My last project was to learn how to
bake wonderful desserts (I have a margarita cheesecake that'll knock
your socks off), my current project is to learn the Korean language
and hopefully teach ESL in Korea in the near future.

I'm seeking someone that is intelligent, that loves conversation,
someone that loves the subtle pleasures of existence, and willing to
throw it all on the line and go for broke.

A little more? Well, I'm looking for someone discriminating, patient,
exciting, that loves Nick Hornsby (at least "High Fidelity" and
"About a Boy," How to Be Good...I have issues with.), Li-Young Lee,
The Adventures of Cavalier and Clay, Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, and of
course - The Food Network.

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