Superstitions lesson and just pondering

I was thinking about Smashing Pumpkins the other day and how I've grown to generally disassociate myself with them.

I saw Jae Rang yesterday and she looked so young and collegelike that I felt a sense of displacement.

I'm realizing that I'm a bit tired and rundown today and I don't have enough gas in the tank for this job.

No more drinking before Tuesday class.

I need to clean my apartment.

Why am I writing this way?

Hey, I'll think of something after lunch.

Maybe the acupuncturist is right. No more fish or seafood, no drinking, and other stuff.

4 minutes until class starts.

3rd grade...I need a line of coke before I can tackle the third grade class.

Mainlining coffee will do.

3 minutes...damn this coffee is hot.

I ate bacon and cheese for breakfast. I skipped the egg cooked in bacon grease. I figured the bacon and the cheese were enough.

I did add lettuce to the sandwich.

Did I mention that I need to clean my apartment?

1 minute to go.

I'm getting ready. I'm getting gone.

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