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So I spend most of my time at school fooling around on the computer instead of making fully engrossing English lesson plans for my wonderfully cool students. Last week I did a class on Harry Potter and a board game- Truth or Dare. I'm finding that it's getting harder to come up with good material. I'm thinking for third graders that I should do a directions class, but I've lost track of which classes I've actually done that exercise with and which ones I haven't.

I need to do about 2 more interesting lessons and then I have Christmas week, which is utterly cake, because I'm just going to talk about Christmas stuff and then show Elf. The last week, I figured I could show the rest of Elf or play games the whole time. I like to play games and it's what they seem to respond to. I need to get them interested in something other than Harry Potter though. I guess they also like Naruto too. There is some new kind of toy it looks like a squid or something. It's the new fad. Geez.

I think the next lesson I should do will be shopping and money. I could do a layout of a department store and have a photo presentation of all the things they could buy in it. I could give them a budget and they have to buy everything or I could simply....

Brain Freeze. I'm getting into a lull and I don't know why. I'm going to look for a new apartment today, maybe that'll get me out of this funk.

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