Jill tries to teach me about Nascar

JG24Drive45n06: so you need to get up to date on your nascar knowledge
JG24Drive45n06: otherwise you are going to be confused
deconstructacon: I understand docking and banging out the shaft.  What else do I need to know?
JG24Drive45n06: teams
JG24Drive45n06: why drivers choose to ass dock certain people and not others
deconstructacon: They fuck each other until one guy passes the finish line
deconstructacon: is it because of AIDS?
JG24Drive45n06: gordon, johnson, vickers, and busch
JG24Drive45n06: haha...johnson and busch
deconstructacon: hahaha
JG24Drive45n06: on the same team
JG24Drive45n06: hendrick motorsports
deconstructacon: so if they're on the same team, they fuck each other right
JG24Drive45n06: martin, kenseth, mcmurray, biffle, edwards
JG24Drive45n06: roush racing
JG24Drive45n06: earnhardt and truex jr            DEI
deconstructacon: so is it like Team Aids, Team Syphilis, Team Genital Herpes?
JG24Drive45n06: stewart, hamlin   joe gibbs racing
JG24Drive45n06: they're the bad guys
deconstructacon: they must be team gonorhea
deconstructacon: Or are they team SARS?
JG24Drive45n06: pit strategy
JG24Drive45n06: different between loose and tight racecars
deconstructacon: so they're the groupies right
deconstructacon: they clean them up and feed them before they go back on the track
deconstructacon: they're the ones that give the undercarriage a little rinse and swipe, right?
JG24Drive45n06: perhaps you watching a race is a bad idea
deconstructacon: I should bring Henry...he'd bring all his gay friends
JG24Drive45n06: noooooooooo     i want to enjoy this
deconstructacon: what?  you don't want me to come?  I'd learn so much
deconstructacon: about this big gay world you're interested in
JG24Drive45n06: i want you to come
JG24Drive45n06: you can't like it until you learn about it
JG24Drive45n06: that's why i think i never liked it before
deconstructacon: A world full of powerful machines and gordons and buschs and johnsons and biffles and genital herpes
JG24Drive45n06: you have to understand it
deconstructacon: yeah yeah...they go around a track and try to fuck their friends, because if they fuck their enemies- they'll get some disease.
deconstructacon: then the pit fixes them up so they can go around and around because it's an endurance race, so the pit guys pump them full of viagra and then they try to get the checkered flag
deconstructacon: is that about right?
JG24Drive45n06: all for except the disease part
deconstructacon: ok...see it's not so difficult.
JG24Drive45n06: crashes are cool too
JG24Drive45n06: i'm predicting a big one
JG24Drive45n06: that'll take out like 15 cars
deconstructacon: if they lubed up better then they wouldn't crash so much
JG24Drive45n06: no that doesn't help
deconstructacon: well guys just like to bang
JG24Drive45n06: you should come watch the races on thursday
JG24Drive45n06: they start at 2
JG24Drive45n06: i'll be back here from class around 12:30

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