Financial Update

I'm going to buy Starbucks coffee and GE tonight I am also going to buy
a couple more shares of Google. Is it time to sell Microsoft? I don't
know. I'm going to lay off of Apple. I have enough shares right now.
I am staying away from it because of the software protection software.
It just pisses me off. What is it called again DMP or something like
that. It's crap.

My plead to all is, it is better to buy CDS then to buy shit off of
itunes. You can't share it with your friends. Music is supposed to be
shared, if I buy a CD, I should have the right to share it with a friend
and vice versa. If you insist on putting so many restrictions on music,
then hinders the facilitation of speech and ideas. PLUS, it keeps me
from satisfying my need for instant gratification.

(don't worry...I still like macs, but Steve is getting a bit too
greedy. If this Disney board member keeps up this act, I might switch
to the linux camp.)

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