First Class is tomorrow.

I'm just brainstorming some ideas. These are some possibilities I
thought of on the subway and wrote on my Alphasmart 3000 (It's the
coolest thing ever.)

First class.

What am I doing? Pictures of America? I could show them my family
and teach them different phrases. Turkey. Carving a turkey. etc.

Possible lesson plans

*Show a short movie and get them to answer questions about what
happened. I could get them to talk about future tense. What will
happen to him in the future. That could work.

*Signs and get a person to be a car and drive around. Certain signs
tell them to do certain things. Falling rocks. Watch out for small
children. Yeild. I think that:ll work.

Other games. I should look for another game like the flash games I
found last year. I need to contact Michelle. The other games that
worked well were the who is the smartest, handsome, fastest.
Popularity contest.

I wonder if I could have a ninja contest? How about a talent
show? I could get them to talk about what they are going to do for a
talent and get them to do it the following week.

What would you say? I should teach a series of phrases like excuse
me but could you stop. thank you that:s really nice. Hey, that's
wrong! I'm going to call the police and etc. And talk about certain
situations like you see a man stealing a cookie, or coughing in your
face or smoking a cigarette in your face.

What else to do?

Week 1+ My vacation to America. This is what I did. This is my
family. Tell me about your family. Game? English Basketball. They
have to say a certain amount of things about their family and then
get a number of balls for every correct expression. Then they get to
shoot the ball into the cup and get points. I need to get a 2 cups-
wide enough with water and 6 ping pong balls.

Lesson 2+ Signs. I am going to get the students to write out
signs. First I:m going to show them pictures of signs and explain
what everything means. Then they are going to pretend to be cars and
drive around. This should take up the entire time, but back-up
game? Trivia.

Trivia...Harry Potter is so passe. I need to get something else.
How about the Aliens show or possibly Naruto?

Lesson 3+Making a recipe. Let:s make a recipe for a food. Teach
them cut. puree. whip. Then I give them a series of ingredients
and get them to come up with another recipe.

Lesson 4
Rube Goldberg Part deux. I'm going to do Rube Goldbergs again.
Possibly a Rube Goldberg contest with tape, paper, and something
breakable (I can't do an egg, because it could just get messy.)

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