Here is my dilemna. Financial Musings.

I want to buy as many shares of Google as I can today, but stocks I
thought were going to hit have not. I want Microsoft to hit $30.00
so I can sell it but the reaction to the UMPC's is lukewarm at best.
Microsoft sucks at marketing. ORIGAMI? I should have went with my
gut. Now I'm sitting on stock that I thought I could sell at a
slight profit (a couple hundred at least) and then turn around and
sink that into a falling Apple stock. Right now Apple is doing the
climb again and I'm losing out.

I'm looking at Micron (MU) My first computer was a Micron so it has a
nostalgia factor for me. It is also the only computer that I had for
my entire university career and the year after. It still works. It
has outlasted my parent's Pionex (QVC purchase) HP (infected with
viruses until the hard disk sputtered out.) and it is currently
faster than my parent's NEW Dell Inspiron. The Inspiron has XP on it
but it takes 45 seconds to a minute to load up a browser window. I'm
blaming it on spyware.

My belief is that Micron, San Disk, and Samsung are going to start
making Flash based hard drives. Right now Samsung has a 32 Gig
drive. If they showed off a 32 Gig drive, then they have a 60 gig
prototype. Flash Drives will be the future of Laptops. They are
reliable and almost indestructible. Also they use LESS power than
the normal hard disks. Battery life is a HUGE consumer concern. I
should look into companies that deal with batteries.

MU is selling at $15.00 and it's been on a move since it bought Lexar
Media. Lexar is currently taking a loss and they don't have a great
reputation for Flash memory.

Intel INTC or AMD? I like AMD, but AMD is at $38.00

I am looking at American Eagle AEOS because a kid likes the clothes
and secretly so do I. I am buying Google as soon at it ticks up 1
time. It's falling. Right now it's at 349.01. As soon as I buy,
I'm going to go to sleep.


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