I love my Alphasmart 3000.

Sweet. I LOVE my Alphasmart 3000. An Alphasmart is basically a
keyboard with a little screen that you can see up to 4 lines of
text. The unit has 256MB and it is powered by batteries. I have
had the unit for 2 months now and I have not had to recharge the
batteries yet. I have been told by Hana that she had a similar unit
and she did not have to change her batteries for about a year. I am
currently having some issues with my apostrophe. Watch:::::: That
is not an apostrophe. It is probably a glitch or maybe someone is
telling me to not use it in the first place. I am currently using
Screen Spanning Doctor to expand my ibook desktop to span two screens.

Oh, the point I had about the Alphasmart is that I am using it as my
keyboard and put my ibook on the shelf. It is pretty versatile.


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