My Mac Setup


I have a 14inch 133mhz ibook upgraded with 1.25Gigs of RAM.

It is plugged into a 19in. Widescreen CMV monitor with a 1400 by 900 aspect ratio? thingy.

I'm using that Screen doctor thingy so I've expanded my desktop to both monitors. (See previous posts)

I have a 60gig ipod with video on an Altoid's Case Dock. I made it myself and I especially love it because I do not have to take it out of the case to stand it up.

I also have a 4Gig ipod Nano and Boss speakers and subwoofer. The sound on the speakers is nice. The bass is full. I also have the Griffin Airclick. It works really well. I use it in my classrooms when I give powerpoint presentations.

Oh, and there is the ever important EASY button. Posted by Picasa

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