Someone asked me...

So why do you put all of your lesson plans on your blog?

My answer is,

It's free space to store the material. It's easily accessible for me
at school. I don't have to take my laptop with me, nor do I have to
store it on a disk or usb drive or anything of the sort. As long as
I have a web browser and internet access, I'm set. Also, it's

I have a macintosh and to be honest it's a bit of a bitch to work
around the system of converting files and such. Apple has gotten
much better at it, but it still flubs up every once in a while.

This blog is all about ME! Sorry, my audience is important, but I
figure regular readers can simply skip the lesson plan. Maybe in the
future I'll create an exclusive site for my lesson plans, but I don't
have the time (nor the organizational skills right now.)

Sorry, but please try to understand.


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