3rd Grade Week of April 24th: What's This?

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First of all, cute baby.

1. Phonics. I'm going to do f's and p's

Fred bought Franny burnt books.

Polite Paul put purple pickles in a peculiar prickly plane.

2. Role Play. The country mouse and the city mouse. Play it first without sound and then play it with sound making fun of it and then get kids to act it out. I'm going to have to get some props. The ball would make a good orange and how about a pencil. The kids try to eat the pencil. I think I should start with 2 country mice and 2 city mice and then I'll up it to 3 and then 4.

3. Color page 26.

4. Page 27 What's this? Fill in the spaces with words. Practice I'm sorry.

5. Game. What is missing game on the black board.

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