5th Grade Week of April 16th: "She's Tall."

Space Needle Sunset HDR
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Space Needle Sunset HDR. Wow. To those that say that photography is not art: Look at this.

This week I'm going to do adjectives and opposites. I should do the Mr. Zombie, Ms. Hulk game thing again. Let me explain. I get 4 kids to volunteer and I put fake names above their heads. Then the kids have to choose who is the tallest, who is the shortest, who is the strongest, etc. It works because it is funny to say that Ms. Hulk is the prettiest or that Mr. Zombie is the silliest.

I need to build an opposites picture slideshow. I'll build it in my Mac Homepage.

1. Review, "She's tall." Pick 4 students and give them fake names and then ask: Who is the tallest?; Who is the funniest?; Who is the handsomest?; Who is the kindest?;

2. Book. Page 58 Look and Speak. And Page 60 Let's Read and exercise 2.

3. Slideshow. Opposites.

4. Exercise. Frankenstein drawings. Each group will get a piece of paper and I tell them something they have to draw. 1 big nose. A ugly eye, etc. They draw one part of the drawing and they pass it to another person. At the end we show each other the drawings.


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