6th grade week of April 3rd: Can I have some water.


1. First I'm going to do a review of department store, only one of the students will be the one running the store. He or she must say, "Can I help you?"
The student will answer, "Yes, I am hungry. Yes, I am thirsty. Yes, I feel sick. Yes, I am bored." The student will then give the student the remedy needed.

2. Book. They should do exercise 1, "Let's read." Exercise 2, "Listen" and then do exercise 1 on the next page, "Let's Write."

3. I'm debating on two things. I would like to do the teaching the animal's mother and its child thing and basically doing a new section from www.manywords.org/wbg/animals_babies-jw.html but I also like this, www.ababasoft.com/kids/lishniy_element.html This game is a logic game where the students have to figure out which of the following elements does not match in the group of 4 different pictures.

I think what I'll do is manythings first and if I have time, I'll finish with the logic game.

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