About gaining control of a Korean Classroom

To Elynnor and everyone else,

I'll be the first to admit that I can be a bastard in the classroom.
Let me explain. I don't put up with any disrespect in the
classroom. If a kid acts up then I make that child stand up and I
walk right up to him and yell at him. If two kids hit each other
then I make the children go up to the board and put their nose on the
board ( a little trick I learned from Jonathan). Like I mentioned,
most of the time I'm the only teacher in the class and I've gotta

I also tell them that if they are talking and I'm talking, I'll start
a count. If I get to 3 they all have to copy a sentence ten times like,

"I will not talk when the teacher is talking because it is rude and
stops others from learning."

I didn't do this last year and I had some miserable classes where I
simply could not regain control.

Don't worry, the kids quickly forget- you only see them once a week
after all, and they'll remember for next week. This week I only had
to count to 1 and as soon as I did every class was silent.

They may not all understand English, but they all understand tone of


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