Korean sushi (Kim Bap)

Korean sushi (Kim Bap)
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Thanks Burlie, I'm going to make kim bap tomorrow.

I have to (actually I don't have to)- I want to make kim bap tomorrow, but I'm going to tinker with the recipe a bit.

For one, Kate wants tuna kimbap, which I can do. I think I want to make it with gan nip, carrots, spinach, cucumbers and egg. I'll shred the egg and do it like a tamago sushi. It needs some sort of flavor though-like a sauce. I got it. I'll just make the tuna spicy. I'll make a spicy mayo sauce and mix it with the kimbap and add shredded chives. So it will be a spicy tuna kimbap roll.

I'm going to make a couple sweet potato rolls with shredded and fried sweet potatoes. Now the rice is going to be vinigared so I need something to make the flavor of the potato come out. I'm thinking orange zest, a little orange zest and chives. For acetics I think I should add some carrots or...spinach? How about this. I'll make it with lemon sauteed spinach and...problem is that the Korean sweet potato isn't really orange. How about pumpkin! I think that would work. How about pumpkin kim bap with a bit of lemon sauteed spinach and served with a sweetened soy reduction sauce. To make it simpler I think I can pair this with the thai sweet chili sauce.

Tofu roll. I can make the Futomaki roll with tofu instead. I would like to add some aparagus...wait how about about a roasted pepper tofu roll with sweet potatos and mushrooms. Everything is really squishy though...how about I add some carrots or...cucumbers. Oh, I can make sweet potato sticks and let them cool first or they'll cook everything inside the roll. I forgot about the cucs. I'd have to use red peppers to get a nice look to them though. I forgot that I do have avocado. It is a dip, but the flavors will work. I wish I could get shallots.

Sorry folks. I know I'm breaking from the traditions of the regular kim bap recipe, but I have guests coming tomorrow that can't (won't) eat seafood, egg, the fake crab, or anything normal. I'm not a huge fan of that yellow pickle thingy either.

I need to get some sesame seeds too. I can make some california rolls with the cucumbers and fake crab meat.

This is an idea I've been tinkering for a while now and I think I would like to use some pears in kimbap. I think it would work, but I'm going to ponder for a while.


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