Week of April 17th, 4th Grade: Don't Do that!


The picture is from Insadong. It's like some modern art piece. I think it's called $ㅎㅣㄸers on the walls or something.

1. Start with some phonics exercises. L's and R's

Lilly Licks Lollipops.

Red Loud Rocket.

Ricky, Rocky, and Ronny rumbled rabbits.

2. Review. Don't do that! Act out the Situation cards from the last class and get the kids to guess. Remember to find out where they are.

3. You should...
You should not play ball in the street. You should play ball in the playground.
You should not climb trees. You should get a ladder.
You should not litter. You should put it in a trashcan.
You should not fly kites near trees. You should fly them in park.
You should not play with that. You should be careful.

4. Look and Listen (2) and Listen and Repeat (2) Page 18.

5. Review some I-Q letter words using the alphabet cards and then do Alphabet race I-R. Posted by Picasa

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