Back to School 3rd Grade April 8th Happy Birthday

I'm selling my cameras
Originally uploaded by Wonmyeong School.
I'm selling my Canon Optura 30. Any takers? All the accessories are included. \475,000 or best offer.

Last Friday was a vacation-Buddha's B-day and 어린이날 so I have to do last week's lesson for those classes.

This week: Lesson 3, Happy Birthday.

1) Numbers Count from 1-20 and then sing
"20 Cans of Coke on the Wall, 20 Cans of Coke. Take one down, pass it around 19 cans of Coke on the wall."
2) Computer: Look and Listen 1 and Listen and repeat 2.
3) Game on my birthday I got...
4) Back up game Flash Hangman.

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