Financial Musings: Helio will fail.


I don't think Helio will be able to compete in the American Market. There is not enough hype building for the phone nor the service and Americans are simply cheap. Personally, I don't think that $250 or $275 is too expensive for a phone but then tack on the $85 dollar monthly plan for phonecalls and it is simply too much for Americans.

In Korea I have a Samsung phone that does everything that the Helio does and more. I have a dictionary, mp3 player, video player, camera, etc and my phone bill comes to maybe $35.00 a month.

Earthlink and SK are failing to market the phone correctly. They need to emphascize that this phone is an iPod replacement. For less than the price of an ipod they can get a phone. They should also offer simply phone plans without the Myspace feature. THEY must bring the prices down.

I'm up on GOOG is below $400.00 Apple is at 72 Ebay is at 35-I am waiting for it to hit 40 and I'm going to dump it. I am going to focus on Oil and water stocks in the future. I'm staying away from biotech. RUTH is starting to show, GG is my kickass stock.

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