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I'm doing a search for new games to play in the classroom. Here's some ideas I found so far:



One ball is a "yes" ball. One ball is a "no" ball. Students are asked yes/no type questions ("Can elephants fly? Is a banana yellow?") and then the teacher throws both balls. The children race to pick up the appropriate ball.


You need two different colored balls. Demonstrate that one ball is a "yes" ball, and the other a "no" ball. Make sure the students have a clear space in which to chase after the balls.


Call two students to the front. Ask a yes/no type question. For example, "Are elephants little?" Throw the two balls. The two students should chase after the "no" ball, since elephants are not little. The first student to pick up the ball and bring it back to you is the winner.

Repeat with other students. Ask other yes/no type questions. You may play this game simply for listening practice or for listening/speaking practice (in which case the students must answer the yes/no type question out loud).


1. Wonderful for testing listening comprehension in a fun way.
2. For teaching or reviewing yes/no type questions: "Can you eat a house? Is it hot today? It is Monday today? Is a mouse bigger than a rhino? Does an elephant like peanuts?"

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