Leopard Eye: Lesson Planning for today


I have all my students today. I have the teachers' class at 2:00 and then Dong Young's class at 5:10. I have Denny and Hyung Woo's class at 6:30 and the CPA class at 8pm.

The Teachers' class is already planned. I need to think of something for Dong Young's class. I think I'll do Witches Brew from the children's story site. I can do rock scissors paper vocab game. Do feelings today and I'll do some phonics stuff to start. I'll do feelings bingo.

Denny and Hyung Woo. I am going to review the who's on first routine again. This time I'm focusing on phonics and pronounciation. Reading will be from Exploring English. Game? I'm going to do something from www.manythings.org

CPA class. I'm going to use stuff from kiyosaki and read an article from the Economist. Posted by Picasa

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