Week of May 8th 5th Grade: She's Tall

Almost realtime sunrise
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Wow! What a picture! Thank you digikuva.

Right now. I'm brainstorming the idea of doing a slide show and then getting them to do cartoony caricatures of each other and then getting them to guess who it is in the class. A caricature of George Bush comes to mind when I think of how to explain it. I should show them a picture of Bush and then a cartoon of him.

The only problem I have is that this could turn into strong kids picking on the meek or those that are not as physically fit as the norm. However, I think they'll make fun of me more than anyone else. That's a good idea. I'll use a picture that a kid does of me to start. I'll take the picture and walk around with it and get them to describe the person in the picture.

The question is, am I strong enough to handle the abuse?

Of course I am.

1. Review the vocabulary from the dictionary on the CD-Rom.
2. Activity. Draw a funny picture of someone in the class. Use examples of George Bush and other people to explain.
3. Show each other the drawings and ask the kids tell me about his nose, hair, etc. Ask them to guess who the picture is of.
4. Game: Do the CD rom game on the computer. After? Flash Hangman

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