I'm trying to learn Korean

For some odd reason I've decided that I'm going to start a language exchange group and try to learn Korean.

We'll see how it works out. 

Two days ago I decided put an announcement on the Korean Herald asking if anyone was interested in language exchange and I instantly got like a ton of responses - 9 to be exact.

Although some of them seem nice, I was put off by the desperateness of the responses.  I mean, I asked questions like, "tell me about yourself. What would you like to learn?, etc" and they rushed through their responses and said that they wanted to learn everything.  Then, when I asked them if they had any questions for me, they just asked when we could start.  Isn't it important to find out a little about each other first?  I guess it wasn't. 

I think there are two people that I would like to study with, but one I can barely understand in English. 

What to do.  I was thinking I could start a language exchange group, but I wonder how much we could learn in a bigger group.  Plus after my Gyeong Ju experience of people latching on like leetches, I'm wondering if that's a route I want to go again. 

Back to the books.


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