The iPod dilemna

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are coming to Seoul!  Really?  I really like their album Show  Your Bones.  Dudley is a great song and so is Turn into.  I really dig their acoustic stuff.  However, I disagree with you.  I think the Sounds sound more like a blend of 80's pop and punk.  I think they're more like Joan Jett and the Ramones' (all of them) love child that was abandoned in Nebraska and raised by Blondie.

Or I guess if Abba went on a diet of cocaine milkshakes.

I have a confession.  I love Shakira.

I know her music isn't mind expanding, but the way she shakes her baby maker and her non mountainous northern hemisphere makes me feel like I'm in highschool in love with April Childress all over again.  But I might have said too much.

Do you find with your ipod and so much access to music that you're attention span has been drastically minimized? 

I have.  I find so much great music, but I quickly listen to it and then I have to get more.  It's like an addiction.  I have a 60 gig iPod and a 4gig nano so I've been using the 4 gig for new music and the 60 gig at home so i can listen to the classics.  Not classics classics, but classics that are like 4 months old.  My definition of what is old has been reduced to months instead of decades.  Sigh.  But there is one album that I'll listen to over and over- it's the music from Scrubs.

It's all good though.  I've got a fix of new tunes to last me another few weeks. 

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