Game with Magnet Cards

I found all these really cool magnets and I'm trying to make a game with them and I need to do it today because they are all scattered over my desk.


I'm trying to sort out all the words into Nouns and Verbs and then add articles in order to first teach sentence structure on the board and then I'll introduce adjectives and adverbs.

The game will be a magnetic sentence race where the students have a series of words on the board and they have to be the first to make a sentence with as many words as possible. First day I'm going to do Present and Past tense.

Here are the words that I have selected and have put in categories. I grouping them as well as possible because I know that some are in the incorrect groups. I plan on changing a lot of the words by taping a piece of paper over it and writing a new word.

flower/teacher/baseball/basketball/badminton/table tennis/weather/bird/ soccer/robot

((I have to make 's' magnets to change verb forms i.e want to wants.))


You're/that/This/Where/It's/me/?/he/she/the/I/It/these/the X 3/for/it/What/Where/Who/What

Now I just have to figure out what words I have to make and then split up the words so they can be used in a lesson first and then a game.


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