Picasa sucks big old dungballs

I don't like Picasa because I tried to use it to upload a picture to my blog and after I took the time to write my little blurb explaining the whole picture and telling a cute little story, it simply vanished up in cyberspace, nowhere to be found. This was 4 hours ago that I tried to upload it so my conclusion is this: Picasa hits the toliet bong filled with elephant dungballs while wearing a stained grey tutu and spouts nonsensical blasphemy about Princess Diana: that she isn't really dead, but simply eternally getting it on with TuPac and Biggy Smalls in the back of a silver Honda CRV.

In short, I wouldn't recommend using Picasa to upload pictures to your blog. Save the pict to your desktop and then attach it using the Dashboard in Blogger.

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