4th Grade DolMakgo Department store

My class today was an utter success. I did a department store situation where I put flashcards of random things like a TV, radio, pizza, a nose...anything really and I put prices above them ranging from 100 to 1000 dollars. I wrote a dialogue on the board.

A: Hello. Can I help you?
B: Yes. How much is that_________?
A: It is __________dollars.
B: Sounds good. Here's my credit card. or I'm sorry. It's too expensive.

Then I got the kids to make their own credit cards because I figured making cash was too unruly. They really got into it and made some wonderful cards.

I then picked 2 kids to be sales people and one to be a stocker. The stocker had to restock the sold pictures. I also had two kids standing at the entrance of the "Department Store" and greet new customers. I only let two kids in at a time and they could only buy one item.

Some students started to greet students by saying, "Welcome to DolMakgo!" which was a popular movie title like a couple months back. Some of my salespeople bartered with customers and my students were "smart shoppers."

Overall, it was fairly orderly and a lot of fun for all. Credit Cards. Huh, who would have known?

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