4th Grade Lesson 8, "How much is it?"

Ugh. I am still sick and the medicine the doctor gave me is making me sleepy. When I get sleepy, I get cranky. I already had a mini-outburst and offended some of my collegues. I apologized and they said they already knew about me and wouldn't hold it against me.

What I'm doing today is mainly straight out of the book.

1. Monkey See, Monkey do- pick one student to be the monkey and they tell their classmates what to do, i.e. stand up, eat a lollipop, dance, etc.
2. "What do you want for Christmas?" Pick one student to be Santa Clause and one to be Mrs. Clause and then ask the students to tell the Clauses what they want for Christmas. Make them line up and ask in person.
3. "What does the Big Bad Wolf want for Christmas?" Get magnets of different characters and ask the students what they would want for Christmas. I have a Princess, Salaryman, Zeeto, Thomas, etc. They come up with some really interesting answers. But every class says that the Salaryman wants money, cigarettes, soju, a car, and another girlfriend. The kids are less naive than I thought.
4. "What does the Salaryman want? Bullseye game" I kept all the magnets up on the board from the Big Bad Wolf game. Then I split the class up into two teams, girls and boys and then passed a ball to a student asking them, "What does the Salaryman want?" They have to answer, "He wants a cigarette." Then they have to stand behind a line and try to hit the picture with the ball. They get one point for answering the question and another if they can hit the picture.

My ipod is fixed! Yay

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