5th Grade Class, Lesson 16: Did you have a nice Vacation?

It seems kinda pointless to do this lesson now because it should have been done right after the vacation break. It's the last lesson in the book so I guess I should finish it. I am finished teaching at this elementary school on December 6th. My school is giving me an early vacation because I am teaching 24 classes a week- which is 4 classes more than my contract allows. Oh- for any teacher that's in a similar situation where you are teaching more than what is written in your contract, talk to the school. Anything is negiotiable (except money...most public schools don't have the funding to pay you for overtime and that might also break your contract).

Anyway, I'm going to do the first 3 lessons in the chapter. I'm just going to go over the material on the computer because most of the students have already learned it and I'm obligated by the teachers to "teach" out of the book. I figure this will eat up about 25 minutes of the class then I'll do "Quiz Show."

I did a "Quiz Show" in my 5th and 6th Grade classes and they really liked it. I'm going to model it after a Korean show this week. This was also one of my best classes all last year- I just forgot about it until now.

I first spend about 5 to 10 minutes in the class to get the students to write out some quiz questions. I write an example on the board such as,

"What US state is Daniel Teacher from?"
A. Delaware
B. New York
C. North Korea

Pick a question that they all know. Then tell them the game will start when 8 people in the class write a question for the game.

Then the kids that helped write questions are made the Show Hosts/Question Readers, Scorekeeper, and Punisher. The Punisher in this game gets to hit a student in the head with a plastic bat. It's something very soft, not to hurt them. I figure this would be better than giving them candy, plus they love the physical humor of it.

I make 5 categories
1. Harry Potter
2. Death Note
3. Finding Nemo
4. Spongebob
5. Wild (these are the questions that the students have already made.)

Write these on the board with numbers underneath, usually 1-10, but it depends on how many questions you have.

And there you go. You have a fun game where the prep is minimal and the kids manage themselves.


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