The last sunrise of 2006

It is a New Year and it's time to make new resolutions for the new year. A lot of changes are coming and I think its time to settle down. I have to admit, Korea has been good to me and I've learned a lot so far- I've discovered my personal resolve. I have found my will to be stronger than I thought it was, so I feel that this year I will be able to maintain my goals for longer than 1 month^^

I think my goals for the last 10 years have been to lose weight. In the last year I have lost over 10 kilograms or 22 pounds. I did this by exercising regularly and by substantially cutting down on my drinking. I've really cut down on drinking Soju and beer.

I've really cut down on my drinking and this has kept me from falling into fits of depression.

I've written and I've read a lot in the last year. I've read several books on Korean folklore, culture, and history (all in English). And I've done research on topics I've always wanted to but put off such as Gnosticism, the Kabbala, Yoga, and real estate.

The things that I have done wrong mainly have to do with my lack of focus and tendency to become distracted. My biggest distraction??? : THE INTERNET. I seriously need to unplug. I check e-mail way too often and I waste too much time looking at my favorite blogs- knowing that they will not have any new information on it. I think a lot of this stemmed from teaching at the public school. I couldn't focus on anything productive. I should have spent my time there studying Korean.

Sorry, but I have stop this for now. Yea Jin is trying to read and my typing is distracting her. (Keeping her happy is one of my resolutions^^)

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