Smart is the new cool

This is the new trend. And I think that it's going to start taking root in America and it's because of a mix of different influences.
1. I think it's because of the influx of Japanese animation and other multicultural shows that exudes this characteristic in abundance.
2. Nintendo Wii and other video games that have a skill building games such as Guitar Hero, Cooking Mama, and Trauma Center.
3. Economics. Kids are learning that being smart will be the only way to survive in the new future.

So. My prediction is that Academic schools that supplement public and private school educations will pop up. In the states I'm pretty sure that Japanese language and Chinese will become popular education centers and centers that teach students how to pass AP exams will pop up. Schools that encourage the arts will be in the decline.

When the American kids jump on this bandwagon, the worldwide competition will begin and everyone will converge through the internet.

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