I've decided to start doing Wine reviews because I like wine and I think I have a decent sense of taste.

So let's start.

Santa Rita Merlot 120 year 2005 from Valle Del Rapel Chile. I bought this from the Lotte Mart near Sillim Station in Seoul, South Korea. I bought it on sale for 15,000 won.

It's a very medium light merlot with a slightly dry after-taste. It goes down a little like blackberries and the tannins have add a slight pepperiness. I would say this would go great with a steak, but because I am a vegetarian- a nice kung pao tofu with a spicy sauce or even a nice roasted eggplant with a garlic black bean sauce. I would recommend leaving it open for a while, it gets a rounder taste.

The wine is very drinkable. I would give it 5 out of 10.
A one in my book is Korea's own Majung which tasted like drymouth with the sugary scent of Cherry Cola ((this wine always had bits of cork in it and I tried it over 3 times.

A ten is something I haven't had yet.

A nine was a wonderful 1999 Silverado Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley. Maybe it was because I was a poor college student having a glass of wine with some very rich people (I can't remember who those rich people were, but I was told they were rich.) Anyway, they said the wine was very good and I remember it having a slight vanilla smoothness next to a bold cherry heat which warmed my proletarian heart and made it wish it was bourgeoisie. The juxtaposition of taste made me realize that wine wasn't all the same and have made me look over the perfect 10 ever since.

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