Anyone need a job in Korea?

One of my friends is looking for people that would like to work a public school job. You can contact me at

I can tell you from experience that working at the public school is a heck a lot better than working at hagwons. The hours are totally kickass and the kids are appreciative.

You can also contact me for more information. They are willing to fly people in from out of the country too.


Job description

1. Location: Public elementary school in Bu-cheon, Gwang-myeong and Yong-in area

2. Type of students: Elementary

3. Working hours: 12:00pm to 6:00pm (Monday to Friday)

4. Actual teaching hours: 1:30pm to 6:00pm (5 classes)

5. Class size: 12 at most

6. Starting date: 10 positions starting March and April


1. Salary: 2.0~2.3 million KRW (depends on experience and qualification)

2. Over time pay: 20,000 KRW an hour

3. Severance pay: One month salary upon completion of the Contract

4. Airfare to Korea: Reimbursed or Paid in advance by Employer

5. One-way air ticket to the teacher’s home country upon completion of the contract

6. Furnished housing provided or Housing allowances: 300,000 KRW a month

7. E2 visa sponsorship

8. Support 50% of medical insurance fee

9. 10 days paid holiday (5 days each in Summer and Winter season)

Qualifications / Requirements

1. Native English speaker (N. America, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.)

2. Bachelor’s degree or higher

How to apply

Send e-mail with your

1. Resume / C.V.

2. Recent scanned photo

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