Today's lesson is on Narration. I'm going to go over what a good narrative is and then I'm going to get them to write letters to themselves.

I need to tell them about structure. Narratives are normally chronological and they have to be plausible in the realm of the story. If they are writing about their school life then an elf riding a unicorn should not appear in the story. The students should focus on answering the "who, what, when, where, why, and how"s of each story. If they don't the narratives will lack substance and believability. Also, I MUST GO OVER HOW TO WRITE DIALOGUE!!! This is something that all of my students seem to have problems with.

And finally. I need to go over writing from perspective or as this book calls "vantage point."

Student Activity.
Last term I got the students to write a letter to themselves at the beginning of the term to themselves at the end of term. The letter has to be in English (duh). And they should focus on telling a story about what has been going on in their life for the time being. Or they could write a funny story to cheer themselves up at the end of the term or they could try to write a motivational letter. It's up to them and I'm not going to read it so they can write whatever they would like.

I think that's a wrap.


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