New Term Writing Focus 2: Description

I am starting a new term at my academy and I'm looking forward to it. There are going to be many new students and some returnees.

The first class is the basic introductions and I'm going to be going over description today. I could do the describe the pencil thing, but I think it would be better for them to write a description of something more fun such as my Japanese Cat ornament: rotund yet springy, like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Or my stapler that's on the offensive, all it's sides scrawled with messages of territorial ownership. Or I could get them to describe the room.

Or I could do my famous, "the boy description."

"The boy in the corner."
"The dirty haired boy in the corner." What can you infer?
"The dirty haired boy in the corner with the black soles of his barefoot feet on the desk puffs smoke rings out the corner of his chapped lips."

I wonder if I can fit Hemingway's shortest story in here too:

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Class Plan
1. Introductions- Welcome letters, annotation, class expectations.
2. Lesson- Description
A) Objective and Subjective descriptions
B) Focus on visualization
C) Brainstorm descriptive words to trigger the five senses: taste, sight,
hearing, touch, and smell.
D) Read Grandma's House and Ray Bradbury's Summer Rituals. Focus on similes and
E) Go over homework essay and expectations

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