Writing Focus 2 Grading

I've figured out my grading system for papers. I'm going with a 9 point system because I feel that a numerical system will make it easier for students to gauge their work. Instead of writing CHECK GRAMMAR!!!! over and over on paper, I'll give them points out of 3 for that category. Then if they want to improve their score then they have to rewrite.

The categories I've made, and I might tweak these in the future, are

Grammar- 3 points
Content- 3 points
Style- 3 points

I'll give them points in increments of .5.

Content includes research and the ability to support their main ideas with strong examples.

Style refers to their ability to write in a cohesive way that is of interest to the reader. This includes using figurative language, framing, idioms, quotes, narratives, etc.

I'm also going to encourage them to use vocabulary collocations and figurative language in their essays. They should underline them, like last year, and I'll give them extra points. I'll give them .10 a point for each one they use.

If I were to convert the numerical grades to letter grades then it would be as follows.

9 =A+
7-8 =A
5-6 =B
4 =C
3 =F


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