My students are Sooooo!!! Smart

James: Lesson
June 7th, 2007
J= James 8 year old
D=Dan 2? teacher :)

Today we are going to talk about music and piano.
J: I love music and playing the piano. I can play Bach's Well Tempered Clavier. It is quiet song. It is moderato. It has a happy tone. It is his "Prelude 1." Now I will play Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier.

James plays Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier on the piano

D: Wow, James, that was great! It has a very bright tone and it sounds like you are walking up a crystal staircase. The music is from the baroque period, right?
J: Yes it is. Did you know that Bach wasn't famous until 100 years after he died. And Schubert wasn't famous until 600 years after he died.
D: Wow! That's so sad.
J: Let's talk about Joseph Haydn. He was called "Papa Joe" because he was a kind, gentle and father-like to his music students.
D: That's so nice. Hmmm...How's your teacher? What do you call your music teacher?
J: I don't call her by her name. I call her "sonsaenim"- which means teacher in Korean

J: Today I:m going to teach you about music.
D: Great!
J: First, this is the music staff.

James shows me a piece of paper that he's drawn a music staff and notes.

J: And this is a major cleft. This is a bass cleft. The violin only has a major cleft but the piano has major and minor clefts. Please trace the major cleft and the bass cleft.
D: OK.
J: You have to color those in.
D: OK.
J: Good job. And we will learn the notes on the major cleft. And these are the notes of the bass cleft.
D: They are different! Why?
J: Because they are. The notes on the staff are E,G,B,D, and the notes between the staff are F,A,C,E.
D: Ok.
J: Now we will learn about meter. This is the common meter and it is in four, four time. This is a whole note. This is a half note. This is a quarter note. This is an 8th note. Much faster notes are 10th notes.
D: OK. They are very fast!
J: Now if there is a dot or this symbol it means rest. This a whole rest. This is a three quarter rest. This is a half rest. This is a quarter rest and these are eighth rests.
D: Wow, this is very interesting!
J: Now I will write a very simple song for you on the notes.
D: Ok.
J: This is twinkle twinkle little star.
And this means you must repeat the song, one more time.
D: Great! I learned a lot today James, thank you!
J: You're welcome!

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