Lauquita 2005 Maule Valley Chile Cabernet Sauvignon.

I picked this bottle up from my local wine store near Nambu Terminal for 19,000.

First of all, it is a dark, dark wine. It's almost black. As I swirl it, it shows nice vicosity.

It has a rich smell- I can smell some oak, dark chocolate and...hints of blackberry. The smell lingers in the nose. I could smell this all day.

The taste is a bit unexpected. I thought it would be dry, but it's actually a bit sweet. Not Mogen David sweet, but a hint of blueberry jam sweet. It actually tastes like blueberry! And if you didn't know this, blueberry is my favorite fruit!

I'm also getting a hint of plum. It's not oakey in the mouth, but has a bit of oak on the finish.

The wine might be a bit young, but it's a good light cabernet sauvignon. I'm going to score this a 90.

I'm going to get a couple extra bottles and put them away for a couple of months and at 19,000 it's a steal.

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