Chateau La Tuilerie 2003 Grand Vin De Bordeaux

This wine was the winner of the Medaille D'Argent, International Challenge in 2004. I bought it for 22,000 at damn it...I can't remember the name right now. It's a chain, but it's down the street from exit 4 at Seoul National University of Education (Gyo Dae). It's the one down from MOA.

Anyway...the bouquet I'm getting is fragrant honey dew. It smells a tad flinty and with a bit of lavender. I could smell this all day. Strangely, I'm also getting a bit of white pepper. Overall, a wonderful bouquet.

Very soft, velvety soft mouth feel. I'm getting hints of cantaloupe, wet rock, jasmine, and...lemonheads. I can't tell you enough about the mouth feel. It's so silky and the trail is effervescent like menthol.

I'm rating this one a 92.

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